So You’re Going To Send Hate Mail To The Troops Overseas For The Holidays?

Repost from our friends at Guardian of Valor/Stolen Valor. 

A friend of this young woman became very upset this morning when he saw her post this to her Facebook, after him and a few of his friends were talking about sending some letters and cards to the troops over the holidays.

He became infuriated and took screenshots of what she said:



Yea well kallie, I would suggest you re-think sending our troops any kind of hate mail over the Holidays.



I really have no words to express how this even begins to make me feel. But I guess if you look at it from another view, we do fight for her right to have her opinions. I really hope she does not go through with sending hate mail to our troops.

We visited her Facebook page, and she has most of it private, but we are hearing she is garnering a lot of unwanted attention due to that status.



Although it is your right, because of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, to voice your opinion, I would highly discourage sending our troops mail of this type.

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