Jonathan “Jon Cornboy” Parham Fake Special Forces, Ranger and Wounded Warrior

Jonathan “Jon Cornboy” Parham Fake Special Forces, Ranger and Wounded Warrior

Source:  Guardian of Valor



Meet Jonathan “Cornboy” Parham, a Special Forces and Ranger faker. Actually he can’t get his lies straight, he wears SF insignia on his uniform but claims he was a Ranger with Ranger Batt to one of our investigators.  And we did not give him the nick name “Cornboy” that was part of his facebook profile name, one of our investigators inquired and he said it was a nickname given to him for drinking moonshine.

Parham was brought to our attention when a fan saw a photo with him in uniform sporting CPT rank, SF Insignia and plethora of awards. So we sent one of our investigators over to see what he had to say for himself, while we also sent for his records of course.

This is the information we received from a fan that alerted us to cornboy, they tried confronting him and this was his response:


He is also claiming to have PTSD, and has flashbacks from being in combat, as seen in the timeline post below.


Glad he thinks PTSD is something he can lie about and make fun of, we lose Veterans everyday because of PTSD and he thinks it’s a joke. Well Mr. Parham, you are the only joke now.

He is also taking jump pictures from the internet and claiming them as his own, below he claims to be doing a HALO jump. He had several more photos of his “Jumps”, but they were not worth posting.



Below he makes the claim on the photo to someone that he has been in “for a few”.



Here he is in a beret, which he surely does not know how to wear. Not to mention, since he is trying to pose as SF, the beret should be green.




Another one with him in uniform, guessing he is trying to impress his girlfriend.


Here are several more photos off his profile, of which he changed the name of once we confronted him on his lies.



Seems he likes to transport his uniform around, well now google will direct everyone to Jon Parham’s lies.



Below is where he claims to be assigned to 1/75.


So as you can see above, he gets defensive when someone calls him out. So we decided to make contact with him, and see how deep his lies would go. Below is the conversation our investigator had with Mr. Parham over a period of a couple of weeks. Here he continues to lie, and when finally confronted on them, he again gets defensive and claims that it was because he was beaten up when he was younger, and that they should make it illegal to buy uniforms and he wouldn’t have done it.

Most of this time we already knew he had never served, we sent requests to everywhere the Army keeps records, and they all sent a negative reply concerning his service. He has never set foot in Basic Training, much less SF or Ranger training.


As we said above, Cornboy has no Military service what-so-ever, but claims to have a Purple Heart(Which isn’t on his uniform) but has a Bronze Star on his rack. Claims to have been “blown up” by an IED and shot three times while in Iraq. He also has a CIB on in at least on photo, but forgets to put it on in the others.


Below is the exchange between our investigator and Mr. Parham.

Initial contact email
Initial contact email
Message two
Message two
Message 3
Message 3


Message 4
Message 4
Message 5(Changes Username and blocks investigator from responding)
Message 5(Changes Username and blocks investigator from responding)
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