Phony of Week: Un-named Poser (Name Tape: Long) in a bar.


Source: Guardians of Valor

Photo from a fan, Poser caught in a bar in uniform. Claims he was going hunting?? Who hunts in ACU’s??

Message from Tyler:

“His name tape read “Long”…..I just arrived at that bar called “The Palace” when I went to go use the restroom....on the way out, I saw this turd sitting at a table…..(that is my unit patch(es) he is wearing)….my heart skipped a beat and I immediately took this picture…then I sat down and asked him why in the actual fuck are you in uniform? He replied with “I’m helping a buddy out”….I asked “helping with what?” And he said his buddy was joining the Army….and they were out hunting…..(lol)…..I asked why he didn’t sterilize the uniform, and then began asking simple questions about the Army he could not answer…..(he also claimed he was in Panama)……enraged…I pulled out my knife- hand and with a nice outdoor voice, informed him to go home and take the uniform off…..of course he was butt-hurt, and a shouting match ensued, with it ending by some of the bar personnel escorting me out…..they were confused why I was yelling at him, and were oblivious to this faker….”

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