Million Veteran’s March on the Memorials

cropped-headerBy. Christopher Mulrooney

As some of you may have heard, there is currently a United States Government shut down in effect. Here at Trek to the Troops we don’t take sides in political issues. Though we find it disgusting that Congressman Ted Cruz (Republican from Texas) and the unemployed Sarah Palin (Former Governor of Alaska and Running Mate to Senator McCain) would crash a Veterans’ Rally to open the memorials in Washington D.C. for their political purpose. From the way we see it, the monuments wouldn’t have been shut down in the first place if the GOP house didn’t shut down the government in the first place to put a roadblock to the Affordable Care Act which has been nicked named Obama Care. Which the shut down being called for by Congressman Ted Cruz, now that the shutdown is infecting Veterans’ Monuments and the outcry from the people he and Sarah Palin come running to the Rescue and Blaming President Obama for the shut down. Is Washington D.C. really that crazy? From the looks of things it is. Here’s the Million Veterans’ March Website and their calling out on Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin for making it a political March instead of its original purpose.

Their Comment from their website and Facebook page:

UPDATED: Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:35 PM EST – The political agenda put forth by a local organizer in Washington DC was not in alignment with our message.  We feel disheartened that some would seek to hijack the narrative for political gain. The core principle is about all Americans honoring Veterans in a peaceful and apolitical manner.  Mr. Cruz, Ms. Palin and some attendees, including political parties may have not been aware of the goals of the marches which took place in over 60+ rallies across the nation.  Please check our Facebook page at

Visit their website: Click here


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  1. Anne Hemric says:

    I blame both sides and it is disgusting to see politicians of either party get press off what’s going on. This isn’t just an one-time issue that has caused our countries leaders to act with less sense then a children. The fact that our leaders and media keep a scorecard based on which party won a point rather than is the outcome going to help or hurt the people it affects is ruining our country and our ability to believe that our interests are even considered when they take action. Until our elected representatives can do their jobs as Statesmen and not as a Republican or Democrat we will continue to have discord and division which serves to weaken us as a nation.

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