Leonard Martinez, Special Forces Ghost Recon Fraud, Busted And Blames It On Typos

Leonard Martinez, Special Forces Ghost Recon Fraud, Busted And Blames It On Typos



We were contacted by some “Long Tabbers” about this guy, Leonard Martinez a few days ago. He was in one of their groups, making all types of claims, all of which we observed.

Several SF guys began to call him out on his claims, asking him who he served with, and his ODA. Of course he just kept beating around the bush, trying to not answer their questions directly.

So one of them asked him to meet with him and bring is DD214, he would also bring his, he would verify the “Q” course and all would be well.

So Leonard agreed to meet him at Fort Bragg, on POW/MIA Recognition day at 1400hrs. Although this whole time Leonard is making threats towards the SF guy, telling him how he is going to “Beat his ass”, when they meet.

It was not long before Leonard emailed us on the Stolen Valor page, asking for our help. We told him to send us what he had in order for us to Vet him, he then told us he was not SF, he was Air Force/Air National Guard, but he did serve with some SF during Desert Storm. He wanted us to mediate between the SF guys and him to work something out..

So they told us to have Leonard come back into the group and apologize to everyone he had offended. He agreed, and went back into the group, but instead of taking responsibility for his claims, he blamed it on typos and miss understandings. So this only pissed them off even more, and sorry Leonard, but you blatantly claimed to have been a long tabber, and served in 5th Group.

The below photo is from 2011, so he has made these claims for a long time.



Here are some screenshots where we tried to mediate between the SF guys and Leonard to negotiate an agreement.


As you can see above, this is where he threatens to beat the SF guy “to death”. For some odd reason, I can not see that happening.





Capture7 Capture8

So Leonard never showed at Fort Bragg to meet with the SF guy, he claimed at one point he was stuck in traffic, which was not the case, he was still in New Mexico.

So even after hours of trying to get Leonard to do the right thing, he continued to say it was all typos. The guys asked him to post a public apology on his personal FB profile, so that all his friends could see it. He did it, then deleted his profile right after he posted it.

In the photo below, Leonard claims to have been a member of  Delta company 1st Battalion 5th Special Forces group(Ghosts). Only one problem, this unit does not exist, it was a fictional unit created for Tom Clancy’s game “Ghost Recon”

In the series, the player is in charge of a fictional, newly conceived squad of U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers from Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (5th SFG) stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Except for the “1st Battalion, 5th SFG” designation, this unit is entirely fictional, as Special Forces Battalions currently only support three Companies (A, B and C). They are often referred to as “the Ghosts”



The following photos were taken from his profile, they go back as far as 2011. Thanks to Scotty from Offenders Exposed for some of the screenshots from Leonard’s profile.

Ranger/SF Claims

Ranger/SF Claims

In the above photo he claims to be a retired SF Soldier from 5th Group as well as a Ranger, this was from 2012. Kind of hard to believe this was some sort of typo.


This comment was made when the SF guys began to call him out, and he agreed to meet one of them at Fort Bragg to be vetted.


Here he was invited to a secret group of vetted SF members, to which he declined, saying he visits his team mates personally. Although the real reason is he knew he would not pass the vetting process.


Again, another typo I presume?


Here he claims to have been in Combat, not once, not twice, but four different times.



He claims the person above is him, wearing the beret and flash of SF.


So after several days of speaking with this guy, and the Long Tabbers trying to get him to vet himself, and even give his ODA, he finally admits to us that he was only attached during DS/DS in the early 1990′s.

He sent me copies of his documents, and we verified he was never SF, never attended the “Q” course, and never went to Ranger school. His documents show he was Air Force/Air National Guard for his entire career as an 81150- Security Specialist, basically an MP. He did deploy in support of Desert Shield/Desert Storm, so he gets credit for all that.

So once this took place, we told him he needed to man up and admit he lied and claimed accolades that he never earned. He agree, but as we said above, he never fully apologized. He only tried to make excuses, and I told him, no excuses, you must have some integrity and admit what you did!

He decided deleting his facebook account was a better answer. So he is now on the SF Poser radar, and the “Quiet Professionals” will be watching for him to show up on the radar again.

We were in the SF group as this took place, monitoring the comments and figure he would come to us. Then he goes on to tell them that we vetted him, of course they knew that was not true as we were in comms with them as well.

So he quit responding to all messages, and did not follow through with what he told them he would do. I am sure he will come back around soon, and if history serves us right, he will continue his claims.

Thanks to all the SF guys that contributed to the outing of this poser. Maybe one day they will realize that their lies will eventually catch up to them.


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  1. Clyde Mahavier says:

    Great job on outing this POS! As a former Security Policeman (Security Specialist), as he was, I would like to note that the beret and crest is probably legit Security Police (which is navy blue, not SF green); not having a better quality picture, it does appear to be a USAF MAJCOM crest.

    I don’t get his type, he could have chosen to take pride in his contributions without having to embellish them. I greatly respect all the hard charging operators out there, but us REMF (rear echelon m***** f*****s) gave just as much for our country.

    I ride in the Patriot Guard Riders, and wear a shirt that says “All gave some, some gave all”, I respect those who gave some just as much…

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