80 Days and Counting till the 1 Millionth Care Package for Operation Gratitute

Eighty days and counting until we send our ONE MILLIONTH care package on December 7! THANK YOU to everyone who has donated their unwanted vehicles, old cell phones and used inkjet cartridges to help us raise funds and benefit the environment at the same time! Your generosity is helping us reach our MILLIONTH PACKAGE MILESTONE!For more information about donating an old vehicle (not just cars, but motorcycles, boats and RVs, too!) through Cars for U.S. troops : http://bit.ly/1gvXqHiLearn more about SmartphoneTradeIn.com and GRC Wireless Recycling (Cell Phone Recycling): http://bit.ly/1aJgvVQAnd last, but not least, here’s how you can recycle used inkjet cartridges and support the troops at the same time: http://bit.ly/1gvXWFx

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