Urban Outfitters Decides The Ranger Tab Is a Fasion Statement

From our friends at Guardian of Valor

Ranger Scroll On Urban Outfitters

Ranger Scroll On Urban Outfitters



Mike sent us a link to some new items available from Urban Outfitters, it seems they are trying to turn the Ranger Scroll into a fashion accessory.  Once Mike hit us up, we got several more emails from some very p****d of Rangers!

Guess what Urban Outfitter’s this is NOT a fashion accessory, to include all the other patches you have adorned your clothing with. These insignia are not worn as fashion, Soldiers have died while wearing these patches and scrolls!!!

I am sure some will say “no big deal”, but I beg to differ! It is opening the door for posers to claim this crap. Oh you have a Ranger Scroll on your vest, must be a Ranger!! So don’t tell us it won’t hurt anyone, or someone wont get scammed, because it will happen eventually! Not to mention it is degrading the Scroll and the other patches!


We do ask if you contact them, or post on their FB page, keep it polite and professional! We have emailed them and explained our point of view, and why it should not be sold as some accessory.


Here is a link to Urban Outfitters FB page;Urban Outfitters

This is the link to the items for sale with these patches on their website:Urban Outfitters Ranger Scroll. (Contact Us link is at the bottom of their page)

We did not look through the whole collection, just two were enough for us. I guess posing is becoming a fashion trend.


Someone has posted a petition on Change.org using the name of our website, we have not setup, nor authorized anyone to setup a petition in our name.


Thanks to everyones professionalism in contacting Urban Outfitters and making them aware of the item in question, they responded this morning and informed us they will be removing at least one item from their website.

“Thank you for your comments and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It is never Urban Outfitters’ intention to offend our customers. We respect the military and value our nation’s veterans and those in active duty. Although the use of military insignias is common practice within fashion industry trends, we understand your concerns and will remove the Standard Cloth Patches Blue Vest from our website.”

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