Veteran Made Movie: Marza Teaser Trailer.

Marza Promo

Sharing a friends’ production Marza.

Marza is a short film based on a true story and real events that took place involving a U.S. Marine and a group of young Afghan villagers.  Throughout the course of his deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan, the Marine’s life is transformed by the innocence and purity of a child – Marza.  On 8 September 2012, a suicide bomber killed six children, including Marza’s two sisters, Parwana and Khorshid.  The suicide bomber was also just an innocent youth.

This film is intended to raise awareness by providing a behind-the-scenes narrative of what the world fails to see through the eyes of the media, the military, the government, and Hollywood. It is about the sacrifice that even a young Afghan child will make for the very troops protecting them and the pain and compassion members of the U.S. Armed Forces truly feel for their loss.e village. Visit the movie’s website:



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