Happy Little Truths: Found out something new today…..


By: Christopher Mulrooney

Alright, I will admit when I am wrong.  I found out something new today while surfing the web.Facebook Groups Together We Served, highlights the service of Air Force Master Sergeant Bob Ross, better known from his 12 year running PBS  show “The Joy of Painting”  He was a self taught painter while in the US Air Force stationed in Alaska.  While looking more into facts about him, he didn’t sell his paintings from the show and that the show was a non-profit. He did form a company Bob Ross Inc, for various painting items that they sold.

There was a rumor that was started around the time I was in middle school while I was attending Art Class that the painter from the PBS show was really in prison the entire time he was doing painting, well I am going to crash that rumor down now that he was not in prison that was a rumor started by someone and continued on for along time.  Sadly Bob Ross passed away June 4, 1995.

Want to find out more about Master Sergeant Robert (Bob) “Happy Threes” Ross check out his shadow box on Together We Served website:  Click here

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