Update Once Again, HOT TOPIC’S Faker Marine Jacket has pissed everyone off at Hot Topic’s

We wrote earlier today about the Marine Jacket Hot Topic’s was selling on their website and we received a comment on our earilier post from Hot Topic’s Social Media person.  Well to find out its Generic Auto Response type message that they are putting up everywhere on Social Media Platforms.  Hot Topic’s should Publicly Apology and some heads should roll on who ever thought this was right to bring out as a product online or in a store.  We were satisfied that they are going to pull it from their website, though in 12 hours?   Still giving people a chance to purchase them even after angering many Veterans and Marines out there.  If you want to look into the postings check out and post your frustrations on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hottopic?hc_location=stream
Don’t worry your get the same generic response. 
Oh we care for the Military members, then why did someone ok this mockery of the US Marines Jacket to be sold like this in the first place.

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