Received a response from Hot Topic’s just a few moments ago in the comment section of this posting.

“Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding Hot Topic’s Tripp Military Jacket we sell online. No disrespect was ever meant. We now realize the significance of this particular jacket and it will be off of our website, which is the only place we made it available, within 12 hours.

We always have and always will hold our military members in the highest regard, so we appreciate you letting us know about your concerns.”
Thank you Hot Topic’s for taking the regards of Military Members and Veterans thoughts in regards.  We Appropriate that very much. 


This one has us all ranting, this was brought to our attention by our Marine Friend at  Hot Tropic Clothing stores at the malls are starting to sell this US Marine Imitation uniform in their stores. Making US Military uniforms as a Trend to wear for those who are not in the military or ever have been.  It’s disgraceful to all of us in the US Military who ever earned the right to wear and the proper wear of the US Military Uniforms.


Check out there website where they are selling this jacket:

Send your Complaint and outrage to The President of Hot Tropic: