Answer to Yesterday’s Name the Famous Veteran Photos


Yesterday we asked the Question to name this Veteran in the above photo from WWII,  didn’t get any correct answers on the post or in email, I did hear from a Trek to the Troops Board Member who thought it was Bob Hope,  Incorrect.  The Correct answer is, Above is Sergeant Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan Lee creator of Marvel Comics,  the hints are all around him,  Drawiings laid accross a studio workshop.  Christopher Mulrooney Founder of Trek to the Troops got a chance to work with Stan Lee for a Day as his Security at the Hollywood Xpo convention in 2010 and got a chance to pose for a photo with Stan Lee. (Pictured Below)   If you have any Famous Veteran Photos send us a email through contact and let us know and we will make this a regular postings on Trek to the Troops.


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