Featured tonight’s Veteran of the Game at Los Angeles Dodgers Game.

This Evening, I am excited to be featured as the Los Angeles’ Dodgers’ Veteran of the game, it’s nice to be recognized as a Veteran, but also as a Santa Monica College Alum, I want to say a word about those Santa Monica College from the shooting last week, my heart and prayers go out to those effected by this heartless act and senseless Violence. I will be having some photos and hopefully a VIDEO during my Pregame time on the field. Also to my Brothers and Sisters still serving and deployed overseas, come home safe!

Christopher Mulrooney
Trek to the Troops

About Christopher Mulrooney

Founder and President of Trek To The Troops Served in the Army Nati0onal Guard for 9 years and US Army Reserves for 1.5 years. Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-2004.
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