New XBOX ONE Announced

a10a1094-619c-3577-b94e-441ef14a31f5Xbox Live Reveal of the New XBOX ONE: I might as well say “Shut Up and Take my Money!” A more interactive TV Experience. You can connect to your TV like you have never been able to before. Silent Operation compaired to hearing the Disk Running sounds as the Previous Xbox 360. 3 Operating Systems in one. You can switch from TV, to Game, and Internet Explorer just by voice, (Like instead of Saying Computer on Star Trek to get the Computer to process your commands, you can do that on Xbox One by Saying XBOX Change to Channel or XBOX switch to Internet Explorer, or XBOX Skype Call (insert Name). IT can also read your heart beat when your doing a exercise Program. Brand New XBOX controller designed by Gamers by Gamers. The latest Generation of XBOX will also include Blue Ray Player so there will be no need to have a separate Blue Ray Player.

Also announced as a Partnership with XBOX and Steven Spielberg to create a new Live Action TV Series based in the HALO Universe.

It is unclear when the new system will be available, but said later this year, sure more information will be in a couple weeks on E-3.

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