“I Drive Your Truck” Country Song Inspired by MofH Reciptient’s Father

Number 1 in the Country Music Charts “I Drive Your Truck”  A Nashvhille-based songwriter was listening in her car as a Medal of Honor Recipient’s father (Paul Monti)  was talking about how he copes with the loss of his son Sergeant First Class Jared Monti, who was killed in Afghanistan  on June 21, 2006 and Posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Connie Harrington was listening in her car as Paul Monti mentioned “He Drives his son’s truck as a way to feel close to him.”  Connie Harrington “I was just really moved that he still drove his son’s truck.  Even though it burns a lot of gas, he didn’t care.”  Connie Harrington’s father served in the Army and was a POW in the Philippines for 18 months during World War II,  didn’t catch Paul Monti’s name, but she jotted down some notes. “I’m crrying and trying not to drive off the road, writing on these post-it notes on my steering wheel,’ She said.  Armed with these notes Harrington,  Jessi Alexander and Jimmy Yearly wrote “I Drive your Truck”  and shopped it around to recording studios and artists.  December 2012 Country Singer Lee Brice, the third single off his album “Hard 2 Love.”

Lee Brice “I Drive Your Truck”

(Source: MilitaryTimes.com)

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