Past Trek to the Troops Story

During Care package drive in 2006/2007 Trek to the Troops was working with American Legion Post 122 in Cordes Lakes, Arizona to get together items to ship out to the Troops same time as Take 2 Interactive sent us Video Games and Computer games to ship out to the Troops overseas.  We worked with Star Trek The Experience, (which shut down and closed in 2008) we got in contact with one of their managers to ship out some passes overseas for the troops to use when they come home from deployment,  these were special passes to use on both Klingon Encounter and Borg Experience.   Also at the same time, Star Trek Experience made a video to distribute and put on Armed Forces Network in sponsorship with Kodak Moment of Thanks.

Originally when developing Trek to the Troops Tour which would have went on tour in 2006 before it was canceled by Armed Forces Entertainment due to the passing of the tour director.  We were going to try to film a opening for the tour at the Star Trek Experience which would have been part of our show.  The idea was to open the show as a transporter accident while beaming down to the Pleasure planet of Risa and end up going back in time to Iraq or whatever place we were going to tour.   Might as well do a show, which would have pertained to about 12 Star Trek Alumni.  The Cancellation was a unforeseen setback but we continued with Trek Care Packages project and various Meet ~N~ Greets to the USO at LAX to keep entertaining the troops in whatever way we can.

Here’s a video the Star Trek Experience Cast and Crew took part in Thanking the Troops. .


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