Event Overview:

Trek to the Troops had our event with Operation Gratitude our surprise event for the volunteers at Operation Gratitude,  we sent invites to various members of the Star Trek community, but due to other events, most of my contacts responded and wasn’t able to attend or take part.  We were in communication with Publicist for Star Trek: Into Darkness over at Paramount hoping to get some support and maybe guest visits from the folks at Paramount, but suppose through the events prepping for the upcoming movie they were not responding to us about our little event.  We tried thought it would be a great idea for showing their support, by helping with care packages and for taking part for the troops.  We know they took part and revealing Star Trek (2009) to the troops overseas in Kuwait. Event Chris Pines was quoted of saying “It was a Trek to the Troops”  though we had no idea of the event.  We are thankful they showed their support for the men and women in uniform, we were hoping it would have been a event they would have liked to take part in.  Oh well we had support from 501st Legion (Vader’s First)  Southern California Garrison who came out in force with Troopers lead by Darth Vader,  event Luke Skywalker showed his support.

We started the event off with Zepthrem Cochran and Ambassador Soval Reenacting First Contact in front of the Volunteers assembling Care Packages for the troops, With the sound of the clip where First contact is made between Human and Vulcans, in honor of the 50th pre-anniversary of First Contact which would take place according to Star Trek First Contact April 5, 2063 then behind the scene Lord Vader and his group is waiting for their cue after first contact scene finished Star Wars Empiral Marched played and Vader leaders one group and Luke with another group surrounds Cochran and Soval, Surprise our Vulcan was prepared he had a Light Saber,  what a Jedi Vulcan? Well yep this time anyways.  Then after some group photos and applause from the volunteers the Troops and group went out and mingled and help with some care packages and guarded some and posed for photos with the Volunteers, it was a huge hit.  Operation Gratitude has requested us to take part in their One Millionth Care package event on December 7th 2013 event, so planning for that event will be our next challenge for surprises.  We have some great ideas.  We also had a guest  Larry Nemecek stopped by and checked out the event and took part in assembling Care packages. The day before the event Larry posted about our event on his Blog and William Shatner himself re-tweeted our event on his Twitter account,  Thanks Mr Shatner for the support.

We had our Cameraman a US Marine Veteran John Middleton there to support us with his lovely wife Lynn, which I found out at the event is related to a Star Trek Alumni her mother is First Cousins of George Takei which happen to turn 76 on the day of our event.  Talk about its a small world after all.

More event and video will be posted on the website soon.

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