2009: Star Trek Movie Premiered for the Troops deployed.

Back in 2009 during the primer of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie they made a visit overseas to premier the movie they made a quick stop in Kuwait to show the movie off to the troops, Chris Pine even quoted of saying it’s “Trek to the Troops”   Though not officially a Trek to the Troops event.  Though in 2005 when Christopher Mulrooney Established Trek to the Troops he first asked Paramount Public Relations to make sure that we were not crossing any legal boundaries.  We were given the ok from then publicist who represented Star Trek Series.  Though it changed hands to the staff of J.J. Abrams Star Trek was unaware of Trek to the Troops and did this great gesture for the troops, once it came out that it happen we received emails from supporters thinking we had something to do with it, we were surprised as they were.

Here’s a video from  Army Public Affairs.

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