Ultimate Soldier’s Challenge Week 6 Results


This week put US Army team Steven/Jennifer, US Navy  Matt/Adrienne, and Contractors Rouge Squad Cory/Rebecca. Trek to the Troops Founder Christoper Mulrooney knows Jennifer and Adrienne from VFT Group here in Hollywood, had to confess he was wooting for Army Team, but also for Navy little conflict of interest for him since he was in the Army National Guard and US Army Reserves.  US Army team was clearly better team then Rouge Squad thought Rouges won the finals,  Cory needs to work better with his coed team mate Rebecca even with injures he made her do most of the work, and really treated her like dirt when they loose an event trying to push blame onto her,  leaving her to fend of enemy force during the final event instead of working as a team to take out the enemy force then making her curry all the weight on her bad ankle was not the best of ideas, thought they end up taking home the victory in this weeks Ultimate Soldiers Challenge


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