Week 5 Ultimate Soldier’s Challenge Results

This weeks Ultimate Soldier’s Challenge on History Channel, puts US Marines Force Recon against, Canadian Army Light Infantry and of course a Rouge Team.   The Marines put up a great fight in the first round and won the immunity round putting the Canadians against the Rouge Team Canadians beat Rouge Team.  Putting the final between US Marines and Canadians Army.  Here’s the result chart.



3 thoughts on “Week 5 Ultimate Soldier’s Challenge Results

    1. Admin Post author

      Didn’t really think so, but if they were Canadians involved in S.A.S. I would think they would have a fare shot at it.

      (Christopher Mulrooney)

      1. M.J.

        It was light infantry vs. marine force recon, they should have better balance, to be fair to the Canadians , still, not a fan.


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