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Trek to the Troops is 8 years old,  I created Trek to the Troops in March 1st 2005 shortly after assisting the Save Enterprise Rally in front of Paramount Studios with other Star Trek Fans, after meeting with Gene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr and JG Hertzler after their concern of showing support for the troops, I had just returned from a year long deployment just almost a year before.  After returning home to Arizona after the event, I came up with this idea which would become Trek to the Troops. The website came online for the first time as we later changed the domain to since the idea of the website is for non-profit use and helping in entertainment and support for military personal and veterans.

Here’s whats going on with Trek to the Troops and what we are looking to do in the near future:

Trek to the Troops new Logo

Trek to the Troops new Logo has undergone a refit the past month and now new graphics and logos for Trek to the Troops. We are getting ready for a joint operation between Trek to the Troops and Operation Gratitude on Saturday April, 20th. More information to be added soon on this event.

We’ve added some Sponsor/Advertisements which you can see on the bottom of the website as well on the left column of the website and we have a Donate button as well. We are trying to generate revenue for the website hosting which is $14.99 a month or a yearly discounted fee, for now we are month to month, just recently paid to renew the domains for Trek to the Troops website.   If your interested in a sponsorship for Trek to the Troops feel free to contact us so we can give you more information on how you can help and what you get for your contribution.  So far the sponsor sites are advertisements with either a commission base system or pay per clicks type of setting and set on random rotation so a various ads will rotate on that section of the website.

We are also looking to boost our Like count on Facebook so likes us with the  Like us button on the right column and share us with your friends help boost our website visits and friends on Facebook.   We are also looking for volunteers who would like to assist with our website with news and information troops and military supporters would like to see with related news and information to bring more content on the site, we are also seeking those familiar with WordPress content manager to help improve the website, we would like to hear from you if your interested in helping.
Thank you for your continued visit and support,
Christopher Mulrooney

Trek to the Troops

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