11 Years ago today, “We Remember!”

It was 11 years ago today September 11th 2001 when a cowardly group of terrorist attack the our nation.  First the Attack on the World Trade Center, New York City, Pentagon in Washington D.C. then the Pennsylvania Field.  Time to think back to that day and remember those who never came home from work or never made it their destination on those flights, and the heroes who went into the towers to save lives.

Founder of Trek to the Troops Christopher Mulrooney, wanted to share his story.

“March 2001, I joined the Army National Guard, never knowing that in just six months it would mean more to me that I joined the Armed Forces.  On September 11th, I hadn’t yet shipped off to Basic Training I would be departing in October to Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  On that day, I was working in Spencer, Iowa at Taco Bell working as the opening manager, prepping for what was to be expected a busy day, the Clay County Fair was taking place in town and this was the first year the Restaurant would be open, It’s normal to have the radio going early in the morning as we prep for opening, there was a break to the music a special news report came on the air live from New York Correspondent, where we heard a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center Towers. with out seeing the news footage we assumed it was a small plane that might have hit the towers early reports of the plane was not known at the time.  They reported fire and smoke coming out of the tower and that it was then reported that the plane was a larger what looked like United Airlines jet.  The three of us stopped what we were doing and gathered around the radio. Listening to whats going on. Then the reporter broke in and said a second plane has hit the other tower and the frantic screams of people around the reporter and terror in their voices. It was then I  knew that our Nation was under attack.   I called my Restaurant Manager, he had already heard I told him once he arrived I am going to head to my National Guard Armory though I hadn’t went to Basic I was still a drilling reservist at A Battery 1/194th Field Artillery which Armory was in North Spencer.  Kyle our manager arrives I depart, I stopped briefly at a friends TV and Video Rental Store on Grand Avenue went in he had the footage on TV we both our eyes were glued to the screen, other people who heard on the radio as they were driving to work stopped in and also watched, people were in tears.  Then the third plane hit the Pentagon, rumors  there are possibly a few more planes not accounted for.  Possible flight targeting White House, things were grim.  Everyone was scared most people didn’t show up for their jobs, children didn’t leave for school, families stayed together huddled around the TV Set. ”

“I report to my Unit the Sergeant First Class who was the full time soldier at the Armory (AGR) Active Guard and Reserve.  had already started calling in Alert to all soldiers of the unit, he said good timing help me call up the alert roster.  we go through to the soldiers of the unit and they come in to report to the unit with in two hours the unit was busy.  later on after the final plane had crashed in the the Pennsylvania field.  Spencer Police Department Officer came by and  asked if some soldiers can guard around the Clay County Fair.  At the time no one new how far these attacks were going to take place any major event going on could be a target.  So part of the unit mobilized to patrol the Fair to put people at ease.  Other Soldiers guarded the Armory itself.  for the entire week of the Clay County Fair Our Unit was there in Uniform, people came to us thanking us and some said some people cried on our shoulders one WWII Veteran came to me and said this reminds him of December 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor. He told me this was an Act of War.”

Everyone has their own story of that day, I will never forget! Tell us your story where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?  (Alan Jackson song)

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