Video: Star Trek Prelude of Axanar Trailer

Star Trek Week on Trek to the Troops.   Coverage and topics Star Trek Related all week long.  Since I am going to the Star Trek Convention and Las Vegas I have decided to make the theme of Trek to the Troops back to it’s roots.   Star Trek!  All week long will be article and videos posted with a Star Trek Feel to it.  You never know who you will see this week on our site. So keep checking in all week long!

Now with that Said check out Star Trek Prelude of Axanar Trailer.

Star Trek Prelude of Axanar is a fan made production created and funded by fans using crowd funding to create.  Here’s a taste of what to come with Star Trek Axanar which is set to be made into movie. Want to  know more information check out their website.


Phony Seal of the Week: PAUL D. HUSEN The DD-214 Doctor. (Los Angeles Area Phony)


Published on Jul 27, 2014

Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley BUSTS Paul David Husen of Los Angeles. Paul is a Nurse who Doctors his DD-214 to show he was a highly decorated Vietnam Navy SEAL Lieutenant and he was NOT.

Paul was discharged from Active Duty as a Seaman Apprentice, an E-2, in October, 1978. He was too young for Vietnam but Paul doesn’t let that stand in the way of a good story to get a job…
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Rio Trek Vegas 2014: Last Vegas Star Trek Convention

STLV14_artv2I will be attending the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention which starts Thursday July 31st, ending on Sunday August 3rd.   I will be posting up exclusive photos and Video messages through out the convention for those who are deployed and can’t join in the fun.

Link for more information about the Convention check out Creation Entertainment website

Also got word that Trek Radio, (Podcast) would like to interview me about Trek to the Troops will give you details of that as well.

Trek to the Troops has a history with the Las Vegas convention.  Starting in 2005 I was working on recruiting Star Trek Alums for a Entertainment Tour overseas with the Troops which would have happen in 2006,  but unfortunately. the director of the tour with Armed Forces Entertainment passed away which canceled it.  We were able to make connections with Star Trek Actors to visit with the troops at the Bob Hope Hollywood USO at LAX for many years.

Trek To The Troops

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