Phoney Navy Seal: Worthless Fake James “Pumpkin Head” Hoskins (2 Parts

sealexperienceSource:  Don Shipley’s Navy Seal Experience Phoney Seal of the Week

Senior Chief Don Shipley retired U.S. Navy Seal is back at it outing the phoney and fakes out parading around stealing the valor of the brave U.S. Navy Seals.

Don Shipley outing James “Pumpkin Head”  Hoskins  Part 1

Here’s the Phoney/Fake


Meet James Hoskins (Nick named Pumpkin Head)

James Hoskins "Pumpkin Head"

James Hoskins “Pumpkin Head”

ShadleHe steals the idenity though pictures of fallen Navy Seal Brett Shadle by putting pictures of Brett Shadle on his Facebook page and trying to pass it off as him.  Brett Shadle was killed in a parachute jump at Dev group. stated by Don Shipley.

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LA NBC 4 News: Navy Sailor Returns Early to Surprise daughter for Easter

Source:  NBC Channel 4 News

A six-year-old student at Chula Vista Learning Community Center got a great pre-Easter surprise, and no, it wasn’t courtesy of some magical bunny.

On Friday, as she and her fellow students stood on the playground with their hands on their hearts to say the Pledge of Allegiance, Nayeli Neciosup heard her name over the loudspeaker. Continue reading

Funny Deployment Video from 66th Transportation Company from their 2004-2005 Deployment

Found this video on YouTube.   funny thing is this unit was our neighbors for a short time on Camp Speicher before we moved off the base to  redeploy home.   66th Transportation company was a Active Duty unit  because of its name has the emblem of Route 66 as part of it’s logo on their trucks containers.   I helped show their Supply Specialist around to get a lay of the land there on the base. Funny thing was a year after me being home I made trip to California from Arizona and went for a day trip to Disneyland for the first time I ran into the company commander of 66th Trans. Company. I noticed his T-Shirt he was wearing I said hey I’m also in the Army I was noticing your shirt 66th TC.  I was with the 1404th TC and was Stationed at Camp Speicher we noticed and remembered me for  helping his Supply Specialist and Supply Sergeant out.  He told me  his unit has just made it back Stateside and was on leave figured now home from Iraq what are we going to go “To Disneyland” his children said.     Show’s you how small of a world we really do live in.


Video Below: About the Unit Stationed in Germany.  More Up to Date video of t he unit.   From DVIDS

Thiainthell: Christopher Duke Marine Corp Sniper Fake never been a Marine but Claims to be!

Source: This Ain’t Hell

Friday, I decided that Christopher Duke needed a wake up call to let him know about the shit he had stepped in. He had called me Thursday and admitted that he hadn’t been a Marine at all, let alone a sniper. His experience in weapons and tactics were limited to a time as a corrections officer. Well, then I was ready to drop the whole thing. But then, we heard from his friend Joe that was different from what he was telling folks face-to-face. Duke was still rocking the lie. So I decided that I need to call him back and let him know that we are serious about that lying shit.


Anyway, if you read his comment the other day, you know how the first twenty-five minutes of our conversation went. He told me what a nice guy he is, how smart is his daughter, all of the good work he does in his community, blah, blah blah. I patiently listened to him yammer on and on. I was polite and listened carefully. Continue reading

Trek To The Troops

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