To those effected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Gulf Coast Reagion

Would like to wish everyone in the Gulf Coast region for safety and comfort during this recovery process after the hurricane,  I have seen first hand the effects of a Hurricane such as Harvey in 2005 while part of Hurricane Katrina/Rita Relief in New Orleans. Words alone can’t express what my conductance and feelings during this time.   Texas is the place of bigness, and one of those is the Big Heart of Texans and they will rebuild.  

Christopher Mulrooney


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Intro: Little Top

Talked with the Creators of Little Top and share their videos on our website.   These are some really funny videos. Check out Little Top.   That’s a lawful order from Top!



Little Tops Channel: Click here

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Website/House Cleaning

For a few years now not much has been done with the website, so currently going though our messages and comments and posts on the website doing some minor fixing up the website.  The site may make some changes from now and then till we tweak things into place.   Right now just noticed their is like 70 feedback messages expanding several years.   WE are going to go through them all as we can.   Trek to the Troops is also seeking any volunteers contributors to the website. If you would like to take part simply leave a comment on this post with contact information.  Don’t worry your comment will not spear on the website till moderated, no personal information will be shared.  

Thank you, 

Christopher Mulrooney
Trek to the Troops

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“The Orville” New Series on Fox

New Series coming September 10th on FOC Check it out

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Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access Coming September 2017

Star Trek: Discovery Full Trailer Extend.   



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