Rebuttle to the ISIS Propaganda video: Bomb by a women!

10473778_713715945384672_3051260818730391501_nSo ISIS think they are so tough and trying to make U.S. shake in their boots,  just remember this a couple of weeks ago a Woman Pilot from the UAE dropped some bombs on them.  Not that I say anything wrong with women pilots,  it just adds more insult to injury to the Muslim.  So nice try ISIS,  we do more in training then kicking each other in the chest to show how much of a men that we are.


Phony Navy Seal of the Week: Kevin Eric Hickland and William Francis McAnerney. Phony Navy SEALs.

ublished on Oct 10, 2014

Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley BUSTS Kevin Eric Hickland…
and William Francis McAnerney of Surprise, Arizona.

I’ve verified Hickland as a fake several times as he isn’t very good and getting people to believe he was a SEAL after they’ve been around his ass for awhile.

McAnerney either ignored my request that he remove all his Navy SEAL Commander BULLSHIT or he’s posted it in so many places he can’t keep track. Perhaps he should Google his own name with Navy SEAL attached and get rid of that dumb ass resume.

To verify any SEAL claim please visit…

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